Saturday, December 4, 2010

Breathe Deeply, Cut a Christmas Tree!

The Christmas tree has been an established symbol of the holiday season for many years.  Dating back to 1842 in fact, when the custom was first introduced in Williamsburg, Virginia by Charles Minnegerode.  This holiday custom engages not only our senses of light, touch and smell, but also our sense of family, spirit and deeply rooted tradition.

It is estimated that each year, over 35 million Americans bring a real tree into their homes for the holiday season.  A pretty impressive number, if you ask me!  Our family is part of this statistic, but we like to take it a step further.  Our cherished, day-long adventure includes choosing and cutting down the tree as a family.  

After a large breakfast followed by a trip to the attic to retrieve the totes of holiday decorations, the entire family heads to Maple Lane Farms for our annual tree cutting.   Located on over 120 aces in Preston, Connecticut, the ride is well worth the wait!  Upon arrival, we enjoy some yummy hot cider & cookies, grab a saw and head into the 35+ acres of cut your own Christmas trees! 

It is a marvel to watch our children frolic through the seemingly endless rows of trees.  They run with excitement, showing off their finds, always in search of the "perfect" tree.  I love the magical, ah-ha moment when we all agree on "the one". It is at this point that pictures are taken, (of course), and the tree is cut by my husband and oldest children.  We all yell T-I-M-B-E-R as it falls and become almost giddy with excitement as it falls to the ground.  Then more pictures! 

I really like that Maple Lane Farm employees come to us in the field, mark the base of the tree and take it back to the stand for shaking and baling.  This service allows us to take our time walking back to enjoy the moments of the holiday season that we will always remember. 

I wish you these moments and hope that you find yourselves frolicking at Maple Lane Farms!
Heather  :)

If you go: 

Maple Lane Farms, 57 N.W. Corner Road, Preston, Connecticut 06365
24/7 Information Line: 860.887.8855

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dinner For Save The River - Save The Hills

As a Waterford resident living on the Niantic River, I am deeply invested in the health and beauty of my surroundings.  The natural wonders pristinely positioned outside our windows provide endless pleasure throughout the year.  Aside from its beauty, the river is our favorite family playground for most of the year!

This is why I am so excited about and interested in Save The River - Save The Hills.  This local nonprofit environmental organization is dedicated to preserving the health of the Niantic River Estuary, its Watershed and the natural beauty of the Oswegatchie Hills.  They provide water quality testing and pumpout programs as well as endless environmental education.  In addition to protecting the environment from pollution and over-development, they have also created community focused events such as Niantic River Day and the ever popular Kayak Regatta.

As most grassroots non-profit organizations, they seek active members and host fundraisers to reach their goals.  Fortunately for us, the Save The River -Save The Hills Wine, Cheese, Song & Pasta Dinner is coming up just in time for the holidays.  Please come out and support this wonderful group next Thursday, December 9th from 6pm-9pm at Flanders Fish Market & Restaurant in East Lyme. 

Enjoy a delicious meal, tasty treats, a live band, silent auction, door prizes, some holiday shopping and more!  Be among the first to celebrate the introduction of the STR-STH new keepsake book about the Niantic River and the Oswegatchie Hills; Past, Present & Future! 

Hope to see you there!
Heather  :)

If you go: Save The River - Save The Hills
Wine, Cheese, Song & Pasta Dinner at
Flanders Fish Market and Restaurant
22 Chesterfield Road, East Lyme, CT 06357
Thursday, December 9, 2010 6:00pm-9:00pm
SaveTheRiver-SaveTheHills or Contact Eileen at 439-1687