Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Living Their Passion in Lisbon; Cedar Knoll Farm

It is not too often that you meet people who live their passion.  I mean really LIVE it.  That's why I am so inspired by Elaine and Terry Joseph.  This husband and wife team left their jobs to pursue what really moves them; their love of horses. 

My family has had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the magic of Cedar Knoll Farm during CT Open House Day in June.  My husband and I brought our children to see the animals and take a carriage ride.  The little ones chased the chicks and marveled at the beautiful horses.  Our favorite part was the scenic and ever so relaxing horse and carriage ride.  That distinct clip-clop always makes me smile and seemed to have a mesmerizing effect on the kids.  It is romantic, refreshing and down-right fabulous.

Upon returning from the ride, we were introduced to Raj.  Raj is the resident miniature colt and should come with a warning label.  He is a 10 on the cuteness scale.  This is the point where the kids started asking for a horse of their own!  That is, until Raj was released and they realized that he could out-run a cheetah.

I am looking forward to heading back to Cedar Knoll Farms with my hubby for a fabulous Horse and Carriage Wine Tour.  (Hint Hint Hint)
Elaine and Terry really know how to take care of their animals and their customers.  I just can't wait!

In closing, I would like to share a link about Cedar Knoll which was aired on Positively Connecticut. 
This gives you a peek into their lives and will hopefully inspire you as much as it does me.
Take a look http://tinyurl.com/PositivelyCTCedarKnoll
Heather  :)
If you go:
Cedar Knoll Farm, 57 Kimball Road, Lisbon, CT 06357

http://www.cedarknoll.net/ or 860.376.8110

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