Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Buy Local this Saturday and EVERYDAY!

Small businesses play such a vital role in the economic health of their communities.  More so than the average person would think.  These innovators have taken an idea and invested their time and money locally.  Did you know that for every $100 spent at a local small business, $68 returns to that community?  

I love the idea of Small Business Saturday to get people thinking about spending time and money at locally owned establishments during this holiday season.  Saturday, November 27th, please shop locally.  Some great holiday gift ideas are right down the street!  Join the movement and spread the word.

The 3/50 Project  also does a great job of spreading the "Buy Local" concept.  They want you to think of three businesses you'd hate to see disappear, then pop in and say hello.  Pick 3. Spend 50. Save your local economy.  Pretty simple concept and very effective! 

Beyond this Saturday, think about simple changes in your buying habits that will make a difference everyday.  You can make a large impact on your local community by grabbing your morning donut/coffee at the local bake shop or by enjoying your lunch at the local grille.  Buy your child's bike at the local bicycle shop and your next pair of shoes at the local clothing boutique.  Pick up the next birthday gift at a local gift boutique...I'll bet they will even wrap it for you!

The next time you head into a big box store, look at your list and think of where you can make those purchases at a locally owned establishment.  Some are brick and mortar locations and others are found online.  Get to know who is out there and remember that great things come in small boxes.  The vitality of your community depends on it!

Heather  :)

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