Friday, November 12, 2010

Local Pigskin Action ~ Ivy League In Our Backyard

Yale Bowl - New Haven, CT
Having three young, active boys in our home comes with a certain expectation of some great sporting events.  Lots of them.  Lucky for us, our good friend Melissa is on top of things and came through today with a great, low-cost, LOCAL idea.

Turns out, we can get the type of communal excitement brought on by a rivalry dating back to 1873, right here in Connecticut.  That's right; I'm talking about some local Ivy League pigskin.  For a low cost, the entire family can head to New Haven's Yale Bowl on Saturday, November 13th.  Starting at noon, our family will take our place among the 60,000+ other spectators as the Yale Bulldogs take on the Princeton Tigers.

This game is guaranteed to be a crowd pleasing match-up!  Thanks Melissa!
Heather  :)
General Admission Adult/Senior  $8/$5
General Admission 12-Under  FREE!
(Please consult the Yale Bowl website for exact directions and up-to-date pricing)

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